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Please select a build track:

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    ? For the gamer or for simulations, build the system using the best benchmarked parts possible. Suggested minimum budget: $1000
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       Green Machine  
    ? Optimize your new computer based either on total power draw or performance per watt. Suggested minimum budget: $700
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       Media Center  
    ? Build a new computer that focuses on media playback, recording capabilities, and home audio. Suggested minimum budget: $500
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       The Upgrader   
    ? Use new technologies or server-level parts to ensure your computer is upgradable for years to come. Suggested minimum budget: $1400

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       The Everyman  
    ? A general purpose machine, tailored to your budget. Suggested minimum budget: $500
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       The Wallet Saver  
    ? We scour the internet for the best build deals available to deliver the cheapest machine possible, targeting a $200 build. (The prices here may change unpredictably)
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       Road Warrior  
    ? We don't build laptops, but we do provide a search service. This is the only quote that is not free.

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Here at Velociraptor Systems, we pride ourselves on being able to provide an unmatched degree of computer customization. Every computer we sell is different, built-to-order for each individual customer. With one-on-one email communication, and a guided choice of parameters we try to match you to the computer system that meshes with your needs, your wants, and your bank account. Just get started to get a free* quote!

If you have questions along the way, just hover over the bold question mark ? An informative popup! in order to get a popup that describes what you see, and a suggested minimum "goal" budget.

Please note we only ship in the continental United States at this time

*We don't build laptops, but we do provide a search service. This is the only quote that is not free.